This page is dedicated in order to protect your download link and make it safe from all viruses, malware and the like. 
And you have to choose that you're not a robot and then click on the Check.
In a few seconds you will be converted into a secure download link. 

There is no doubt that many people and many readers are confused by the word encryption and the word coding, and the word redirecting, as these words are sometimes used as synonyms.

What is meant by link conversion?
The process of converting links that are intended to convert the title of a specific topic or page into a secure link for the visit, and among these conversions is this platform provided by this site in order to convert your private links into safe links for download in order to protect them from viruses, malware and the like!

What is meant by coding links?
It is the process of coding links intended to put the password for your link and turn it into a secure link, as the link conversion platform encrypts your link and converts it to a secure link with the possibility of choosing to put an additional code or password to your converted link.
No user of the published link or page can access it unless after entering the password that you used in the conversion.
What are the reasons for converting and coding for links?
Transfer your pages and services to secure links to visit.
- Moving from a normal link to a protected link by conversion and coding.
Converting weak, insecure links into modern and protected links.
Encode all your files with a password that only those who know the code can access.
- Make the transfer process secure and protected with the password.

What is the difference between conversion and coding for links?
After converting the link, there is also a link coding process, which indicates that you can add the password to your file or link after re-converting it to a secure link that is protected from viruses and malware.
The process of conversion and encoding of the link are two complementary processes to each other. They can be done at the same time. The first is the process of converting the link into an encrypted link, and the second is the process of locking the link with the password.

What is the purpose of the conversion and coding process?
The goal of each conversion and coding process for your links, pages, and services is to increase the safety distance and protect against all viruses, malware, or the like.