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Questions And Answers

How do you find out the number of words and characters in an article?
Simply copy your text into the word counter tool box below.
It gives you the exact result.

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Why is word count calculated?
Because search engines such as Google, Bing, and others, love exclusive topics that are long and contain valuable and useful information for the reader.
If you want to create your own website and link it to Google Adsense, we recommend that you stay away from copied articles and small and short texts.
You should know that short texts are considered by search engines as insufficient content.

How do you know how many words and characters are in the article?
Just copy your text and paste it into the word counter tool box above.
It will give you the exact result.

What is the word counter tool?
The word counter is a complement to the distinct tools and necessary tools available to count the number of words and letters in each topic, article, scientific research, or university thesis...

What is the importance of a word counter?
The importance of this tool is especially obvious for bloggers, so if you want to start blogging, have a blog or website, write articles, and want to make use of it, you must know how many words you have written.

Why should you count the number of words on this topic?
Make sure you fill in your Google AdSense account and avoid insufficient content on your blog because if you want to use Google AdSense, you have to abide by all of their policies.

How many words are appropriate for good content in articles?
In fact, there is no set number of words that must be adhered to in articles, but topics must provide exclusive and unique content, serve all appropriate purposes and fields, and not be of poor quality and short in content, without limitation and limitation in the number of words.

How long is the right article for the top search engines?
Based on a series of studies, research, and recommendations on the Internet, the length of the typical article is as follows:
The minimum should not be less than 300 words.
It is required that the article appears in order on search engines.
Articles with more than 1,000 words top the rankings, with a golden chance of being at the top of search engine results.
The average number of words can be relied upon in the range of 500 and the like..
Finally, the quality of the content is always the most important, and the content is the master of the situation.

Do words convert are free online?
Of course, this tool is free, very easy to use, and electronic technology.
It is also used by many groups of society such as (students - linguists - independents - professors - translators - writers - authors - and other people).
It is a very useful tool in linguistic research - databases - analysis and translation - and other activities).
In order to use the tool, you only have to paste the text you want to calculate the number of its words into the existing box and press enter and within seconds the result will appear.

Infos about Word Counter:

Free Online Word Count:

This is a free online calculator that calculates the number of words or units in a text.

Authors who write your book, students who edit your essays, freelance linguists, teachers, translators, professors, or simply passionate individuals: feel free to use this tool to count the number of words in your document.

The tool will also be useful for database, syntactic research, translation analysis, dictionaries creation, marketing writing, etc.

To get started, simply type or paste the text into the text area. When you're done, click the enter in a keyboard, and see the results appear instantly.

You can also erase your text any time you want, by clicking the reset button.

The number of search words is usually between 3000 and 8000 words; While the personal statement in the job application is 500 words.

To avoid going over your word limit, try replacing phrases with single words, avoiding fillers, extrapolations, and check the tone of the verbs you use (and most importantly) think about it carefully.

Other uses to word counter:

Salesmen's wages are calculated by the number of sales.

Fishermen's wages are calculated in pounds of fish.

The reward for a book is calculated by the number of words.

No wonder writers understand word counting so well.

Magazine or publication editors often request articles with specific word lengths.

Writing assignments or quizzes have word limits.

For example, the world's shortest story writing competition, there are amazing stories that do not exceed 55 words.

Authors know that papers, articles, novels or books should have a word limit.

You'll often hear authors bragging about the length of their latest novels.

It is customary to calculate the fee for legal memos by the number of words.

School research often has a word limit.

The word count is also used to regulate the length of documents produced at work, school, or other writing tasks.

Almost all students will tell you about their experience while writing research papers.

The availability of word processing tools made it easy to count words.

In the absence of computers, counting the number of words is difficult, as every writer dreamed of an easier way to determine the number of words. Also, in some cases there may be a need to count words quickly.

For example, you may need to know the word count from some of the articles you just read on the Internet.

Word counting applications in computer programs are of great benefit.

For example, have you tried to limit the number of a particular word in a document?

offers an online word counting tool.

The site offers a web application, where you can simply paste a paragraph or article into a box to get the word count by click enter in a keyboard

Letter counter and word counter texts online:

The word and character counter calculates and displays the sum of the words and the sum of the characters of a text that the user adds in the box above.

This word counter may be very useful for a user, for example, a user who practices the profession of typing as he can know the number of words in Arabic or foreign.

The word and letter counter in text online is an easy-to-use tool that counts the words and the number of letters in the Arabic text or the foreign text, and all you have to do is to write or copy the text in the specified field above and click enter in a keyboard and the result will appear immediately Below the counter of letters and words in Arabic texts online.

In summary, the letter and word counter tool for any text gives you the sum of letters and words for the text. But you should note that in the case of enumerating the letters, the tool considers the comma, the period and the space as a letter as well, and all of them are included in the total number of letters.


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