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Secure conversion of your links
And protected download of your files
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 Explication of your link safe conversion:

In order to make the download link safe to visit, we offer you a tool that converts, encrypts, encodes, uploads shorten, and protects all your links from viruses, malware, etc. This advanced tool was found above and on the homepage of website: Coodme.

This tool converts your link securely, with a few options that are up to you:

- Add the password to the converted links.
- Or add or untimed countdown to your link.
- Add two ads of your own in the form of a link, text, or image.

All selections appear in the center of the widget where you can choose them or leave them.

Where you can take advantage of them at the stage of decoding your link.

How to use safe conversion and encoder?

1- Put your link in the Safe Transfer box located here or on the homepage of this website.

2- Use the conversion tool and paste the link inside it.
And if you want to add a countdown, choose the widget above the convert button.
If you want to add the password to the transfer link or download link, choose the 'Password' tool above the secure transfer button and enter your password.

3- Add the first advertisement and then the second advertisement if you want to take advantage of it and choose according to the form of the advertisement between a link, text, or an image. In the display ad, you can place the clear image link and it must not include unintelligible symbols or illegible and long characters. It must contain clearly legible Latin characters...

4- Click on the convert button to get the secure converter link.

5- Click on the copy icon to copy the link.

6- It's over...
I got a secure link to use for every useful purpose...
Where you can put this secure link in all your posts and files behind a specific name, image, or icon to download ... and others.
And you can re-cut and shorten it on this site if you want to publish it on social media, on your websites, or in your various services...

7- Possibility to shorten the link you copied:
When you get and copy the encrypted link, you can shorten it to a very small link via the link below:

The secure encrypted link will turn into the following example:

Link Encoder Features:

1- Safe transfer of your links.
2- Safe download of all your files.
3- Convert your links professionally and with high accuracy.
4- Encode your links with a password.
5- The ability to add advertisements for your various services.
6- Easy to use script and advanced tool for shortening and converting links.
7- Protect your links and files from viruses, malware, and others.
8- The option to add a secret code to secure your links.
9- The option to add a countdown while decoding links.
10- Continuous and permanent secure and encrypted links for life.
11- A free tool that everyone can benefit from.
12- High-precision and professional decoding technology...

Link encryption
But what is encryption?

In general, encryption is the process of maintaining the confidentiality of information, whether fixed or mobile, using programs that have the ability to convert and translate that information into symbols and numbers.

And in the event that it is accessed by people who are not authorized to do so, they cannot understand anything and cannot solve it, because all that appears to them is a mixture of incomprehensible symbols, numbers and letters.

The file is encrypted and decrypted by means of a password, which must be known by both parties, who are: the sender and the receiver, and this is called symmetric encryption.

Symmetric encryption means: encryption with one key known to both parties for decryption, which is the password.

Encryption strength:

The strength and effectiveness of encryption depends on two main factors:

Algorithm, key length in bits.
And how much is known that the higher the bit, the greater the security and the difficulty of decoding.

Correct way to encrypt the file:
1- Compress the file.
2- And then encrypt it.


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The site administration rejects such a completely and completely, and it has the right to take all administrative penalties from stopping the advertisement and blocking the link... and it can take legal measures against the violator of the usage agreement for this site..

Anyone can inform the site administration of any violation that it has discovered, as it can send us the offending link, to take the necessary measures and possible penalties against the violator, through a tool:
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