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Explication of the link shortener:

This tool is a platform that offers the service of cutting, shortening, minimizing long and very long links, and converting them to a very short one, which, of course, will benefit you in your blog and social media sites.

Those features in this tool, the profit features, the ads obtained by choosing the slash method, and indirect, are created directly after it was discovered when using it or from where the use of this tool is explained below.

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This tool cuts your link, using the following snip method:

- Direct Cut: 

You can get a short link that will refer you directly to your link.

- Indirect Cutting: 

Gives you some benefits and perks.

- Cut and shorten links

- Add the name of your website ... and it appears at the beginning of the directive for the link...

- Possibility to add two ads of your own in the form of text, link, or image...

These ads will appear to the viewer above and below the download link..

How to use the link shortener?

1- Put the long link in the specified circumference:

The link between the long link and the reference to the following link, and this link is on the main page of the tool. where you can put the link coil to cut and shorten and shorten... After the shortcut, you will get a short link under an attractive name, and the files with my name in the example below...

2- Direct Cut:

This option is yours, the direct short link, where you can use in the original long site...

For an example of this live cut, click on the link below:

3- Indirect Cut:

It is an guided cut, and a page has also been released to guide users of links, before referring to the original long link.

Add some special services for advertising and it will benefit you in your collection of addresses and links...

How can this be?

When choosing the direct and indirect cutting method, there are three optional options for filling it, as follows:

- Your site name: 

where you put the name of your site or the name of your file or any name you want ...

- The first ad: 

which gives you a choice in format: text - link - image.

- The second advertisement: 

It is the same method and the example of the first advertisement.

The elements in the ads are as follows:

A - Link: 

a specific site or service, where it can be clicked and direct visitors to it, and you benefit from that, a site or benefit from the advertisement of your various services.

B - Text: 

written, what you want to explain or communicate to visitors and return to your file that will be downloaded easily, or write useful texts explaining ideas or creativity and everything that is useful to you and your visitors and is for the benefit of everyone.

C - Image:
You are placing the image link correctly ... I mean the image link must not contain symbols and not be long with incomprehensible characters .. It must include clearly legible Athenian characters ... If the image link contains incomprehensible symbols and characters, the download message would be wrong...

For an example of this indirect cut try this link below:

4- Copy the link:

Click on the Copy icon to copy the link.

5- is over ...

Got a link to use for every useful purpose...

Where you can put this link in all your post and share it on all social media sites...


Concerning the way of telling stories, directed and indirect, and everything that is general and that touches the heavenly religions and the general situation and everything that touches the heavenly religions is contempt for them and the dignity of normal and moral beings, and everything that leads to a high rate of hatred among people ... etc.

The site administration refuses this and has rejected some of the images and steps for this use of the site.

It can detect an object that was notifying the site of any violation, where it can send us the violator, and attach potential penalties for the violation, through the tool:

'Call us'

to this site, or by any means possible.


Link Trimmer Features:

1- Cut and shorten all the long links.

2- Get a small and short link.

3- Short link my file's name...

4- From your website, from the card com website.

5- Add your name with your clickable link.

6- Easy to use script and advanced tool for shortening and cutting links.

7- Protect links from viruses, malware, and others.

9- Secure bonds and the continual and everlasting summit of life.

10- A free tool that everyone can benefit from.

11- A profitable tool that allows you to benefit from your ads, links, and publicity for your various services.


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