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Horoscope Calculator Tool

Western Horoscope:
In astrology, there are twelve constellations derived from the planets of the stars in the sky. Your sign is based on your date of birth and your sign is determined by the assortment of stars when the Sun was in your sign at the moment of your birth.
Each sign has a sign, has a planet, and has an element of fire, earth, water, and air.
The planet is ruled by no more than two signs.
All the signs are ruled by the planets except for Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, and Leo, who is ruled by the Sun.

western and Chinese horoscope calculator

Chineese Horoscope:
The Chinese Horoscope is known as the zodiac that derives from a similar concept in Western astrology, that is, the circle of animals, that is, they resort to the qualities found in animals and given to those born in this world.
These constellations are very popular in China, Vietnam, South Korea, North Korea, Japan and Thailand...
Everyone can know their astrological sign and Chinese horoscope through the above tool.


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