About the site

This site is considered as:

- Service site: 
Offers a variety of technical and digital services available for free download and to all, and serves as a center for cutting and minimizing links, link and file loading platform, link encryption tools and enabling them for safe conversion and safe download of your files...

- Technical site: 
It provides a range of tools that may help you, techniques that may benefit you, additions that may interest you and codes that may concern you.

- Profit site: 
Where it offers some platforms in your service allows you to place different ads in the form of links, texts and photos to advertise your various services, publish your websites and advertise your various pages ...

- Free site: 
It is 100% free of charge, offering its services free of charge and publishing web tools for free...

- Public site: 
open to all where difference is accepted and disagreement is rejected.
- Personal site: offers everything that drives us and what is happening on the local and national scene in the digital field.

My Code is Your Code is Coodme:

We are honored to thank all members and visitors of this site for the trust they have given us and our files. God considers it a heavy burden on all of us, and we ask Almighty God to help us all to show this site and the rest of our other sites in the best way, and contribute to his rise to the top. In order to be satisfied with all visitors and members, we consider it yours and it is primarily from you and to you.

My Codes

On this basis, we ask you to help us and to give us all suggestions and contributions. You see it as an occasion in the development of a range of tools, codes and files dear to all our hearts.