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Explanation of your encoder and link  encryption platform:

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This tool is specially designed to make all your links safe from hacking.

Through this site, we provide you with general guidance tools for everything related to security, shortening, encrypting links, and protecting them from viruses and malware.

This tool encrypts the link and makes it more accurate and secure, with some options that we leave to you, such as:
- Add passwords to encrypted links.
-Add countdown for your link.

These options appear in the center of the widget, where you can fill them in or leave them blank.
And you can take advantage of it at the stage of decoding your links.

How to use the encrypted conversion tool?

1. You can put your link in the safe transfer box of the tool.
2. You can also use the transform tool and paste in the link.
3. You can also add passwords while they are above the secure navigation button.
4. You can add a countdown by clicking on the icon above the transfer button.
5. Click the Convert button to get the encrypted secure link.
6. You can also click the copy icon to copy your links.
You can also share the tool with friends and relatives to benefit from it.
7. Cut the link obtained:
After copying the converted link, you can cut it into a very small link by clicking on the link below:
The link will be as in the following example:

List the advantages of link conversion:

- Safe transfer of your link.
- You can have a protected download of all your files.
- You can encrypt your links with very high accuracy.
- You can encrypt your links with passwords.
- A program that contains very easy-to-use scripts and an advanced tool for shortening, encrypting, and clipping links.
- Protect links from viruses and malware.
- Option to add a password to encrypt links and files.
- Option to add a countdown while decoding links.
- High-definition, more secure, and encrypted links for life.
- A free tool that everyone can benefit from.
-High precision professional decoding technology for links and files.
Definition of the link encryption process:

The encryption process is generally considered a process of maintaining the confidentiality of information for electronic links or files, whether fixed or mobile, using programs that have the ability to convert that information and translate it into symbols and numbers.

In the event that the encrypted file is accessed by people who do not have the ability to use it and are not authorized to do so, they cannot solve it and do not know it because all that appears to them are incomprehensible symbols, numbers, and letters, which are encrypted with passwords and must be known by both parties, ie, the sender and recipient.

Defining the strength of file encryption and links:

The strength and effectiveness of link encryption depend on two main factors:

The algorithm, key-byte length.
It is known that the higher the byte, the more secure, and the more difficult it is to decode.

The correct way to code for the file:
1- It compresses files.
2- Making codes for links.


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