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By using and browsing this website, by any means, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Agreement and that you fully agree to all the terms on this page as follows:

1- All services, articles, topics, and files displayed on this site are free materials provided to members and visitors.

2- We on this site are not responsible for any legal consequences, and we have no legal, moral or informational responsibility for improper use of this information, and we are not responsible for damages that may result from not properly applying some platforms, tools, plugins, and themes to the site, use of these articles constitutes full acceptance of the above disclaimer.

3- We only provide a range of different technical and digital services in order to help you complete your work easily and achieve your tasks at full speed, by providing some specialized platforms, useful tools, and various add-ons, and our credibility may be confirmed by our presence on the Internet for many years since 2009, We are the original and the rest is tradition, given that we continue to do such work and develop such technical and other digital services offered on this site.

4- We on this site are not responsible for any legal consequences, and we have no legal, ethical or informational responsibility for improper use of this information, and we are not responsible for damages that may result from not properly applying some of the services, platforms, and tools contained on the site, use of these various services constitutes full acceptance of the above disclaimer of liability.

5- By browsing this site and accepting to deal with us in relation to these published services, platforms, tools, and add-ons, you acknowledge in advance that they are merely utilities to be used according to the situation of each person and according to the nature of each person's work individually.

6- This site and its owners shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any damage or loss incurred, whether financial or otherwise, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use of this tool or this code. This website is not liable for any losses or damages in connection with this website.

7- All topics, articles, information, comments, responses, and opinions published on this site express the opinion of their owners... The site does not bear any media, moral or legal responsibility, and the blog management is not responsible for any legal consequences as a result of using this information incorrectly...

8- Every article or comment that violates the approved conditions, and contravenes morals and public morals, will be permanently deleted from the site...

9- It is strictly prohibited to publish anything that would offend public morals, touch the religious, political, and legal sanctities of each country, or sow racism and inter-sect conflict in each country... Every member who does not respect the public and private laws of the site will be subject to suspension and expulsion.

10- The site provides the ability to comment on the content posted on it. You and all users are entitled to participate in the comment, provided that you do not post any content that may be harmful, illegal, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, dirty, harassing, etc.

11- We have the right to delete or not publish any materials or comments that we consider inconsistent with the terms of this agreement or inconsistent with the blog policy. We also have the right to cancel the registration, if any.

12- You are solely responsible for the comments you post.

13- The intellectual property rights to the Comments remain with you. However, the website owner has the right to reuse Comments in any activity related to the website without having to request prior permission from the comment owner, provided that the comment owner is named and does not modify the comment in a way that distorts its meaning.

14- To comment on the site, it is preferable to mention your personal name. You may use a pseudonym, but the impersonation of any person or entity is never permitted.

15- It is preferable to mention your real email when commenting. The site is obligated not to use this mail-in any activity other than personal correspondence. He undertakes not to deliver your mail to any third party without your prior permission.

16- The website must not be modified, adapted, or used in illegal ways or in any other way that could harm or disrupt the website.

17- This agreement may change from time to time as we see fit for the purpose of the site, so I ask you to review it and abide by it.

18- Viewing or using the information published on this website constitutes full acceptance of the above-mentioned exemption from liability. IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THIS TERMS OF USE AGREEMENT, PLEASE DO NOT ACCESS THIS SITE.

19- All rights reserved to the publisher on this site.

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