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Information about zakat:

Through our article, we will talk the zakat on wealth, and we would like to clarify that not all money owes zakat. Rather, the money must pass over a year in your possession, and that its value has reached the value of the niqab for zakat. Here, the net differs from one country to another and from year to year, and this value is one of the tasks of the Ministry of Awqaf to determine it annually, in line with the situation in the country.

Zakat online

How to calculate zakat:

We will talk about how to calculate zakat through our tool. All you have to do is click on it from our website and calculate your zakat for money.
Although it is very easy, you can perform the process for calculating Zakat on money through a regular calculator, but this tool is easier and more secure than any other program. Zakat money and the value of the money left after taking out the zakat from it, meaning that you will know the value of the money saved for you before and after taking out the zakat from it.

Talk about the tool for calculating zakat for money:

This tool is distinguished from others in that it is one of the most important, simplest, and easiest tools to calculate with very high accuracy.
And it is calculated for us for money before zakat and after zakat.
And it doesn't need to go to settings or settings or anything.
All you have to do is click on the tool and write the saving amount, and the tool will calculate the zakat money from the total amount you have and calculate the remaining money with you after the zakat amount has been taken from it.

The importance of the zakat calculation tool:

Of course, we all know very well that zakat is one of the most important acts of worship that God has commanded us and is imposed on the rich and the poor.
The tool is important here because it calculates for us the amount of money to be calculated in zakat or equations and accounts in general.
The importance of the tool is that it differs from others in that it calculates the amount of zakat for us and calculates the remaining amount of the total amount after deducting the zakat percentage.


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