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How to use today joke:

Today's joke tool is a very wonderful professional tool in which jokes change automatically and the joke is renewed every day throughout the month and year. 
Every day a new joke.

How to use a joke tool today:

As soon as you hover your mouse button on the Joke of the Day widget, the joke of the day will appear to you.
And if you want to change the joke on the spot and on the same day, you can do so with just a click on the site or reload the page.

Today's Joke Tool Features:

-Every day a new joke.
-The deviation of the tool is very beautiful.
-Electronic technology that changes daily in-jokes.
-The name of the joke appears and an arrow below it.
-The background of the joke is very beautiful.
-There are 31 jokes throughout the month.
-Change jokes with one click.
-The presence of the link at the bottom to facilitate the transition to the main page of jokes.

How to use the joke tool today:

1. Hover the mouse on the tool and it will show you the joke of the day.
2. If you want to read more than one joke, you have to scroll with diamonds or reload the page.
3. If you want to know more than one joke, you can click on the link below, a page of jokes and jokes will pop up for you.
4. The tool for today's joke has a small icon until you click on it
You can share the tool with your friends and relatives.

Info about jokes:

They told jokes:

The well-known French writer Victor Hugo said that “laughter is like the sun that expels winter from the face of man.

” The famous French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said about fun and laughter: “Laughter is a sky under which everything flourishes except evil and malice.

The Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky considered laughter to be the most important characteristic of man, and also said: “Laughter is the lifeline for man in the sea of ​​life and its crashing waves.”

The German writer Johann Goethe said, “A cheerful person sees the whole world as joy.”

Definition of today's joke tool:

A joke is nothing but a satirical story that makes you feel fun and laughter.

There are many topics in jokes between what is political and social and many topics about daily life.

And recently, the joke has become a weapon for young people who want to rebel against the situation in their country.

It is a type of folk literature and tells a situation or a story.

Kinds of jokes:

1. The written joke.
2. Political jokes.
3. Social jokes.
4. Historical jokes.

Defining the types of jokes in detail:

Written jokes:
Sometimes a joke shows us different forms and types of etiquette and differs according to the topic. A person can say a situation in the form of a joke and send it to his friends as a kind of rebellion against his condition and discover that it is a very funny joke

Political jokes:
they are political jokes that are light in shade and invite laughter, heavy in meaning.

Social jokes: 
The social joke, which is the most popular. It depends on bullying on classes and others, or on telling a family problem, such as having a troubled father, so he goes to school and deals with many problems.

Historical jokes: 
It is due to the fact that people are late in the past from certain people, and they tell jokes about them

Popular jokes:
And here you know the jokes in the very short sentence that are in the colloquial form that laugh and that are said most of the time

The importance of jokes:

We live these days in anxiety, worries and depression, and worries are one of the reasons for what we face in this life full of troubles and fluctuations.

These troubles start from looking for work, namely raising children, taking care of them, securing their requirements, natural disasters, economic crises and others.

People need smiles and laughter that make us smile despite our worries.

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