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Wisdom of the day:

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How to use today wisdom:

Today wisdom tool is a wonderful and beautiful tool, every day wisdom that renews automatically every day, and also changes when browsing the site or reloading the page.

How to use the wisdom of the day:

Today wisdom tool looks small in size but big in content.
Just hover your mouse button on the Wisdom Tool of the Day, and Wisdom will appear.

Today's Wisdom Tool Features:

1. This tool is very special, as it includes 31 pearls of wisdom.

2. It has electronic technology that changes the ruling every day.

3. She divides the 31 wisdoms into the whole month, meaning every day one wisdom.

4. Its size is small, and when we pass the mouse over it, it appears wisely and clearly.

5. It attracts the visitor to stay longer than normal and draws his attention from the beauty of the existing judgment.

6. You can add links to your site that pertain to more judgment.

7. Modify your blog's viewership stats.

8. Improved SEO as a result of increased interaction.

How to add the tool for today's wisdom:

- You can login to settings your site.

- go to layout plan.

- Choose the HTML/JavaScript tool.

- Then you can paste the link below on your website.

 To download codes down the page

Infos about wisdom:

Definition of the wisdom of the day:

You cannot pass without hearing wisdom, and it is a beacon that lights up the dark days for us. Thanks to wisdom, we can manage the affairs of our daily lives, and sometimes it gives positive energy for the day, and although its words are short, but it touches our souls.

Today's wisdom:

Wisdom of the day It is not possible for us to pass a day without hearing it. Topics such as love, success, life, science, etc., are a strong incentive for a person to change his nature and lifestyle for the better always, and although wisdom is in short phrases, it is strong and influential at the same time.

Kinds of wisdom:

Wisdom has many topics, so it is an example.

1. Theme about love.

2. Theme about success.

3. Theme about life.

4. Atopic about science.

Explanation of wisdom topics:

We will talk about the importance of wisdom in terms of love: love is not only a man’s love for a woman but a father’s love for his children, a neighbor’s love for his neighbor, a mother’s love for her children, a person’s love for his country.

Wisdom in terms of success: Here, success will not be limited to success in work, study, or something tangible. The wisdom here is talking about success in all aspects of life.

The topic of wisdom about life: here wisdom calls for hope and not despair, for in life there are beautiful things that deserve to live for them, so do not look at the half-full cup.

Here, wisdom speaks of knowledge: knowledge here is not limited to teaching mere certificates that you take. Rather, education here we must strive to achieve.

Give examples of the four themes of wisdom:

1. Wisdom tool of the day about love (Love for your brother what you love for yourself).

2. The second tool for success (from grandfather and found, and who sowed, reaped).

3. And the third tool that talks about life and not complaining about our lives (there is no despair with life and no life with despair).

4. Fourth, we talk about the subject of knowledge, and here comes a pearl of very beautiful wisdom (Seek knowledge, even in China).

Today's wisdom is short:

Today’s wisdom contain various types of lessons and meanings that a person can benefit from, especially since part of it talks about the experiences and mores of people and their dealings in life, and reading them continuously and persevering on them may be one of the positive habits that a person rarely acquires in our time.

It is like a candle that lights a person’s way if he strays from the right path, and every word carried by the phrases you are talking about has a specific meaning and a positive effect at the same time, and this is one of the things that a person aspires to obtain.

It is not possible for us to pass a day without hearing it, for sometimes it is like messages sent to us by God Almighty to guide us to the right path.

Love, success, life, science and others, it is a strong incentive for man to change his nature and lifestyle for the better always, and although wisdom is in short phrases, it is strong and influential at the same time.

Today’s wisdom sometimes talks about life and we find in it a lot of advice that teaches us the true meaning of it and how we can live it in the right way, and it also makes us realize the importance of life and understand the meaning of the beautiful moments we live in with family and friends.

Although wisdom is a group of small phrases, in its meaning, it carries important and great meanings, and helps a person to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties that he goes through in his life, as it gives him the motivation to live again, and today’s ruling on life may carry many feelings that we need It is like humanity, love, mercy and sincerity, and it is what makes a person live a happy life free from pain and sadness.

Therefore, he must understand the meaning of the message that reaches him of wisdom.


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