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File Links Download Platform - Secure File Sharing & Transfer

Are you fed up with the trouble and worries of sending big files? Then, TransferNow is your answer for a safe, simple file sharing platform. It lets you effortlessly send and share files up to 250 GB.1

In our world today, smooth file sharing is key for working together well and staying productive. That's why TransferNow offers a solution that puts your data's safety first. It comes with password protection, secure storage in different places, encryption, and checks for viruses. It keeps your private info safe.1

TransferNow goes beyond basic file sharing. It's great for business too, fitting the special needs they have. With options for lots of users, blending the platform with websites, to fully making it your own, it boosts work output, builds your brand, and simplifies how you share files.1

Key Takeaways

  • Securely transfer files up to 250 GB with TransferNow
  • Benefit from robust security features like password protection and encryption
  • Customize the platform to align with your brand and enhance productivity
  • Enjoy a free trial period and flexible pricing options for businesses
  • Leverage the platform's global data centers for regional file storage

Ready to make your file sharing better than ever? See what TransferNow can do. It improves your work, makes things more secure, and helps your business grow.

file links download platform

Effortless File Sharing with TransferNow

Sharing files is easy with TransferNow. Its design is both simple and smart. Users can pick files to send by either clicking "Start" or just dragging and dropping them onto the site.1

Select Your Files to Upload

After picking files, users enter details in a form. This lets them send files through email or get a link to share.1

Fill-in the Transfer Form

Once the form is all filled out, users check their info and then begin to upload.1

Validate to Start the Upload

With TransferNow, you can send files up to 250 GB at a time,1 and your files stay on the server up to 365 days before they’re deleted.1

TransferNow offers various subscription plans, each with different features and allows savings of up to 40% on yearly plans.1

It works smoothly with Outlook and Gmail, making direct transfers easy,1 and it’s safe, using password protection and high-level encryption.1 You can even create contact groups for simpler sharing.1

This service uses top-notch security for its global cloud. It follows strict security guidelines, like AICPA SOC 2 Type II, to keep your data safe.1 Your personal info is also kept safe with SSL/TLS and encryption.1 Plus, you get a 7-day free trial to test it out.1

Secure File Transfer via Email or Shareable Links

With TransferNow, you can send files up to 250 GB securely. Do this through email or shareable links. The dashboard lets you manage your transfers, change data and settings, send files again to others, and delete them if needed. It keeps your data safe.1

Send Large Files up to 250 GB

TransferNow makes sending big files easy. You can send files up to 250 GB. This is great for big projects. The tech behind it all ensures a smooth experience, no matter the file's size or type.12

Track and Manage Your Transfers

The dashboard at TransferNow gives you full control. You can see the status of your transfers and change settings anytime. You're also able to share files with new people again. And you can delete files before they're automatically removed after 365 days. This keeps your private data safe.12

Business Solutions for File Sharing

TransferNow gives businesses strong tools for easy file sharing. Their solution is built around letting many users share files. This way, it is simple to work with others and control who sees what through one main account.3

Multi-User Subscriptions and Administration

With TransferNow, managing file sharing in a team becomes efficient. You can set who can do what, watch over activities, and keep data safe. It's great for keeping file sharing smooth while watching out for important data.3

Website Integration for File Reception

TransferNow also helps businesses get files on their websites. They offer tools to add file sharing directly to sites. This makes sharing files or media documents by clients or partners, easy. And good for the brand too.4

By using TransferNow, companies can improve how they share files. Teamwork gets better while keeping everything safe. Plus, it makes sharing files look good for anyone involved.34

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Customizable and Branded File Links Download Platform

TransferNow lets users make their file links download page match their company's look and feel. It provides white label customization options. This means users can set up a personal web address, include their logo, and design the page to fit their style.5

White Label Customization

With TransferNow's white label setup, companies can offer a unique file sharing look. They easily add their branding for a polished and professional touch. This keeps their image consistent for everyone using the service.5

Custom Domain and Single Sign-On

TransferNow also lets businesses use their own domain and single sign-on (SSO). This deepens the connection with their current tech setups. It makes file sharing smoother and more integrated.5

Thanks to TransferNow's features, businesses can build a strong brand online. They look more professional and provide a top-notch file sharing solution that stands out.5

Robust Security Measures

At TransferNow, keeping user data safe and private is our number one goal. We use top-notch6 security methods. These include protecting file transfers with passwords, letting users pick where their files are stored, and encrypting data with AES-256. We also scan for viruses before allowing downloads.

Password Protection

Our password protection at TransferNow makes sure only the right people view your files. This step6 boosts the file sharing security. It keeps private info safe from those who shouldn't see it.

Regional File Storage and Encryption

Select where your files are stored to meet local laws at TransferNow. We also use the strong AES-256 to keep files safe when not in use. This is part of our commitment to6 seriously protecting your digital information.

Antivirus Scanning

TransferNow watches out for harmful files with its antivirus scan. It checks every file for malware or viruses. Taking this step6 means we spot and block these files before they can be downloaded. So, we ensure your shared content is safe.

Media File Sharing Made Easy

TransferNow makes it simple to share various media files. This includes photos, images, and big video files. You can send high-quality photos and images without quality loss. Thanks to TransferNow, sharing large video files is also easy.7

Share Photos and Images

Sharing photos and images is a breeze with TransferNow. It lets you send top-quality media files. And all without losing the original content's quality.7

Share Large Videos

With TransferNow, sharing big video files is no problem. It allows users to easily send and share very large videos.7

File Previews and Streaming

TransferNow also lets you preview and stream files. This is before you download them. It makes sharing media files smoother and more efficient.7

Productivity-Enhancing Features

TransferNow provides features to help you work better. It has an address book and contact groups. You can add or import contacts easily. This makes sending files to common recipients easier.8 Also, you can make contact groups for sharing files with multiple people at once.8

Leverage TransferNow's features to make sending files smooth. If you have lots of contacts or work with specific teams, its tools can help. They ensure your file transfers are easy and on point.8

For better file sharing at work, TransferNow is a great pick. It has tools to manage your contacts well. This helps you find and send files to the right people faster.8

TransferNow aims to boost your work output and team work. By making it easy to find and share files, it makes you more productive. Its address book and contact groups are key to this mission.8

file links download platform Integrations

TransferNow makes file sharing easier by connecting with different tools and platforms.7 It has an Outlook add-in. This lets users send big files straight from their Outlook. Plus, there's a Chrome extension and Gmail add-on. With these, sharing files safely is simple from your browser or Gmail.

Outlook Add-in

With TransferNow's Outlook add-in, sending large files is no problem. Users can do it right from their email. This setup gets rid of jumping between apps to share files.7

Chrome and Gmail Extension

There's also a Chrome extension and Gmail add-on for those who work in their browser or use Gmail a lot. It makes sharing files secure and easy.9


TransferNow makes file sharing easy and safe. It has a simple design, strong security, and lets you personalize it. This makes it great for working together and keeping your files safe.10

You can share files on TransferNow without worrying. It has password protection, stores files close to you, and keeps things secret with encryption. Plus, it checks for viruses to keep your computer safe. This adds more security for everyone using it.10

Using TransferNow is smooth for both groups and people. It works with big files up to 250 GB, helps you keep track of your files, and works well with other tools. This makes working together and getting things done easier.10,11

To sum up, TransferNow's file sharing is both reliable and safe. It lets people work together knowing their data is well-protected. It follows top privacy and security standards.10,11

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What is TransferNow?

TransferNow is a platform for sharing files. It's secure and makes sending large files up to 250 GB easy.

What security features does TransferNow offer?

It lets you protect files with a password. You can choose where your files are stored. Data encryption keeps your files safe. Also, it checks files for viruses before they're downloaded.

How does TransferNow simplify the file sharing process?

It has a user-friendly design. You choose your files, fill in details, and then upload. You can even use an address book and contact groups to make it faster.

What business solutions does TransferNow offer?

For businesses, it has team plans, website tools, and options to brand your file sharing space. This helps companies work better together and look more professional.

Can TransferNow handle media file sharing?

Yes, it's great for sharing photos, videos, and images. You won't lose any quality. Plus, you can preview and even stream your files.

What integrations does TransferNow offer?

TransferNow works well with email and other apps. You can easily share files from Outlook, Chrome, or Gmail. This makes sending files smoother for everyone.

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