squares XO game

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Tic Tac Teo :

Do you know this game?
Who among us does not know this game, it is a game we grew up with, the game of squares X O That we were play it at home, school and street, and we draw it on the papers and the wall.

tic tac teo

What's this game like?
One of the advantages of this game is that it is a game known to all the peoples of the world, played by adults and young people and with the blood of an exception, which is for all groups in society there is no difference between the means and the poor, which is a test of the level of intelligence, acumen, thinking and the power of observation...
This game has different labels, that are different with the different culture of all peoples and the most famous names are tic tak teo, or  X O squares.

Who are you playing with?
You're in this game. 
You're going to play with us.
I mean you play with this Website.
Then let's go.
test power of your intelligence... 

Are you going to get over us?
It's a challenge for you.
Try the game and challenge this website to win it?

How do you play with us?
The way the game is very easy.
By mouse you click on the box you choose and mark X.
And directly the website puts a sign O.
And who can make three parallel markers horizontally, vertically or tilted.
He's the winner.
When the three sign are completed, the site tells you the message of winning, losing or drawing.
In the link below this game with two players


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