love test

Love Test

Write the names in English letters only

+ =


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Love Test

Write the name of the first person 
then the name of the second person
 And press Calculate

test amour

Love test between two people
It is just a fun game
For some fun and humor
  This test is based only

At the expense of random transactions

 for the word love you

what is love?
Many of us search for the true meaning of love and its value, but most of the time they are ignorant of the importance of these subtle meanings because they ignore them and do not try to preserve them, and forget that love is one of the most beautiful blessings that God Almighty has bestowed upon us.

Marriage, friendship, family relationships, etc.

Love is what makes life meaning, and for others it will not exist, and when we find wisdom today that talks about love, we find a message that fate sent us to appreciate the value of love and the beautiful feelings that he brings us with him, and wisdom carries in its meaning also love Because its purpose is to learn from the life experiences that we go through and pass us by, because love is the most beautiful feeling that fills the human heart, soul, mind and being, and this is what gives it its great value.


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