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Date Converter:

This tool below converts the date
From Hijri to Gregorian
From Gregorian to Hijri
Enter the date you want to convert into the tool below
And click on the appropriate choice
Between the Hijri date and the Gregorian date.

data conversion tool

Define the data conversion tool:

A date converter tool is a smart tool that helps you convert the date from Gregorian to Hijri and from Hijri to Gregorian. This tool is also characterized by ease and speed in use directly without the need to download any application. You can enter the date that you want to convert in the lowest when the tool and click on the appropriate choice You have a Gregorian or Hijri date.

importance converting Gregorian date to Hijri or vice versa:

The Hijri date is widely used In some Arab countries Such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially in the government sector, in official papers, political messages, and others.
But the Gregorian date is the widely known date in most countries of the world
It was implemented as the default calendar in every computer and database
Therefore, the data conversion tool is considered one of the most important things that one needs in converting time from Gregorian to Hijri due to our need for it in calculating the date in Hijri.
It is one of the most important things, because especially when conducting research and analysis of data, and also in building applications that have a Hijri date, and here the importance of the tool emerges.

How does this time converter work?

The machine works as follows:
If you want to know the Hijri date, All you have to do is enter the Gregorian date, The date conversion tool above, you specify Hijri date, vice versa.
The tool allows you to enter the exact date you want to convert easily by clicking on the calendar sign that we add to the tool next to the date writing box.
You can choose the month, day, and year without having to enter them in writing.

Features of the converter tool for dates:

This tool allows us to make an unlimited large number of transfers.
It allows us to be completely free to inquire about future years or previous years.
It is also able to determine the desired date with high accuracy and for free
You can also share the tool with your friends and relatives.


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