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Calculator Tool

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Sometimes we may need a calculator when browsing the site
To perform simple operations without referring to other means
Therefore, we present to you this calculator.

Calculator definition

Calculator definition:

A calculator is an electronic desktop machine that is used to perform arithmetic operations.
The calculator is one of the oldest computers, and the shape that the calculator has reached is a product of Pascal's work until 1640 CE and has simple and advanced models according to use.

The importance of the calculator:

The calculator has very great importance in performing arithmetic operations, and here this tool is one of the easiest and simplest tools to use, do not refer to any other means, so we offer you this tool through our website and it is free.

Scientific use:

A calculator is a machine that adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides quickly and accurately.

Shops and workplaces use calculators to keep accounts and extract the value of taxes.

Engineers and scientists use them to solve complex mathematical problems.

Statistics workers use calculators to calculate averages and find percentages, and other people use calculators in a variety of arithmetic work.

Almost all calculators nowadays are electronic.

It performs calculations automatically using miniature electronic circuits.

In addition to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, many electronic calculators do more complex work, such as extracting square and cube roots.

Many models of calculators also have a memory where numbers and problem-solving instructions are stored for future use.

How to use the tool for the calculator:

And you can perform all your calculations, and it contains many calculators such as (a simple calculator - a scientific calculator - a calculator for the diet and to calculate the ideal weight - and many others. You only have to enter our site to read it closely).

It is a tool that was created to save you time and effort. You only need to do the arithmetic operation, whether it is simple or complex, you can solve it easily through the tool.

What the calculator contains:

The calculator tool contains memory like real calculators to retrieve old calculations and store them. We have many types that we will explain in detail as follows:

1- Simple calculator: It is used by researchers, athletes, school and university students.

It is used in simple and basic arithmetic operations, the aim of which is to give the user the ability to use such as trigonometric functions or statistical operations.

2- Calculator for scientific use: It is a machine used in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

It works very quickly and with high accuracy and uses it in workplaces and stores because it extracts accounts and the tax rate.

Scientists and engineers also use it to solve all the more complex mathematical problems.

They are also used by statisticians to calculate averages and find percentages.

One of its features is that it performs arithmetic operations using miniature electronic circuits.

Extracting square and cube roots.

It is specially designed for all users at all levels.

It can perform calculations directly without any programming knowledge.

The calculator is used in all areas of daily life.

They appear in a variety of images and shapes.

It is also present in every mobile device, be it a mobile phone or a laptop.

You may need it while browsing our site.

On this basis, we have prepared it for you on this page above.

Welcome to the calculator site, perform all your arithmetic operations on the calculator site, which has various types of calculators, such as: a simple calculator, a scientific calculator, a diet calculator to calculate the ideal weight, a date calculator to convert from Gregorian to Hijri or from Hijri to Gregorian, pregnancy calculator for calculating the duration of pregnancy and knowing the age of the fetus and the approximate date of childbirth, calculating the Gregorian and Hijri age.

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