calculate your real age

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How do you calculate your age?

This above tool helps you to calculate your full age and your real age.

What distinguishes the age calculator is the following:

It gives you the result in years, Months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
- You can calculate age by Gregorian and Hijri date.
- Extracts the result with finite accuracy and the real number.
- Gives you the rest for your next birthday.

calculate your age

Define the age calculator:

This is the tool that we mention to you to calculate the full age and this is what distinguishes it as it calculates the real age in the year, month, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
You can also calculate the date of birth by the Gregorian date or by the Hijri date.
You can also know the result with high accuracy and real.
It can also give you time until your next birthday.

How to use the real age calculator?

The age calculating tool is considered accurate for each person, and it is a simple task thanks to the tool from our website.
But this tool requires accuracy because we need it in most models.
For example: To calculate the memory of the upcoming birthday.
We will do the following in this way:
You enter your date of birth in the form shown in the tool and click Calculate.
The system then automatically calculates and analyzes the age by date of birth via the Internet.
Of course, this service is free of charge provided by our website:, to you to help you calculate the age quickly and with high accuracy, and it will show you the following:
1. Show the age in the Gregorian date.
2. Show the age in the Hijri date.
3. Show the age in year, month, day, hour, minute, and second.
4. You show the constellations.
5. What seasons of the year where you born in?
6. Show a tool that calculates the date of your next birthday.

Mention the difference between the calculation tools on other sites and the age calculation tool on this site?

As for the tool for calculating the age in Hijri, our website uses the Umm Al-Quora calendar, which is an approved calendar for Arab countries, which depend entirely on the Hijri calendar, especially in Islamic countries.
As for calculating the age in AD, it is used accurate and more widely used equations to calculate the number of years for birth, and also the tool we used has a technique automatically.
As for the tools for other sites, they use only the Gregorian or Hijri date.

How to take advantage of the tool to calculate the age.
All you have to do is enter our website and register the data as we explained above, and the result will be accurate and you will be impressed by it.
You can share the tool with your friends and relatives.


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