pregnancy and ovulation calculator

Pregnancy Calculator

Calculation of pregnancy results and expected date of delivery:

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Calculating the period of pregnancy and ovulation

It is the most beautiful moment in the life of a married couple and a dream that all couples wish for.
On the day of birth, you will find everyone standing in full swing, waiting for the newborn and checking on the health of its mother.
Which is carried for the first time, is very confused as to whether the calculation will be correct in days, weeks, and months.

pregnancy and ovulation calculator

Pregnancy calculator definition:

It is a tool that shows the accurate pregnancy calculation of our programmed tool with electronic technology (it calculates the gestational age or calculates the age of the fetus) for women who are waiting for their new baby.

How the tool works, how to calculate it, or how to operate it:

First, you enter the date of the first day of your last menstrual period
After that, various information will appear that will help the pregnant woman to follow her pregnancy accurately, safely, and quickly.

What information does the pregnancy calculator provide:

One of the most important pieces of information provided by the tool for calculating pregnancy and childbirth is the fertilization date that the tool expects.
And the current pregnancy period in detail, since the pregnancy period that has passed until now has been calculated and is called the gestational age in addition to the current month and week and the number of days for pregnancy until today.

How to find out the date of conception:

Fertility will be high on the days approaching the days of ovulation in addition to the day of ovulation itself.
The pregnancy and ovulation calculator on our website gives you a very excellent estimate in determining the most important day for calculating the timing of pregnancy.

One of the signs of pregnancy is the following:

- Body temperature:
The basal body temperature is what you get when you wake up in the morning, and one of the signs of ovulation is a rise in temperature above the normal rate.

- Secretions from the cervix:
The secretions are one of the most signs of ovulation, and their color and viscosity vary during different periods, starting from transparent and sticky to reddish-brown during delivery.

- Changes that occur to the cervix:
In the first months, the cervix changes from one position to another until it becomes open, ready for delivery or childbirth, in a clearer sense.


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